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victoria,bc first generation immigrant of azores, portugal - olá, deixe-me fotografar você



Art Institute of Vancouver

Emily Carr University



based in vancouver lower mainland locations in langley & victoria - vancouver island

photographing weddings internationally & EU approved




That is really the simpliest answer. when you book your portrait session with us,

you in turn book our hearts. Our clients become life long friends and

our lives become changed because of you. we give you our hearts and our best and never anything less.


That silly girl up top is me, I'm Ashley and I'm so glad you've found me and made it here! I was born, I stole my father's 35mm film camera, I grew up, thought I would be going to UBC for Bachelor's of Science in Nursing but instead went to Emily Carr University, learned more about Cameras and Photography and student loans. And started photographing amazing people like you! I started photographing my first wedding with other photographers in 2007, and start a successful photography business in 2009 full time. It was built on word of mouth and referral. That's right, friends were happy, so they were super cool and told people they were happy, and BOOM "Dragonflight Photography by Ashley Ferreira" flourished. It has been wild ride, and I am extremely grateful.

My heart is what makes up the bulk of my business. I give my heart in all that I do. So when you choose to have me take your photographs, really your signing up to get to know each other and I'm going to give you my all. I liken photography to the sensation of falling in love. It's exciting, intoxicating, it's suspenseful, rewarding and addicting. My life wouldn't be complete without being able to share this with you.

I'm a lover of sparkly things, Kate Spade, shoes, trucker hats, collecting Alex and Ani, vegetarian food, and I'm a professional cat cuddler. Wendell's Chocolate brownies are the way to my heart, along with fuzzy blankets and the latest Netflix. Pizza and champagne are completely acceptable date nights. Aloha is the best medicine. I am a Targaryen, the 'Carrie' of the group (minus the Minolos…tbt), I would get you the blue tuba and never let you wear red boots, I live in Riverdale, and Wonder Woman is my home girl. Our kitchen was made to feed the soul and dancing - latin music, Chain Smokers, Tay Tay because I wanna be your end game, Matthew Goode (because Vancouver), Mumford and Sons with Verlon started it all.